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Salmon Enhancement

Although finfish farming is illegal throughout the state of Alaska, salmon enhancement through hatchery rearing and release has been an integral component in managing Alaska's fisheries since 1971. Initially established in response to severely depleted salmon fisheries, the release of hatchery-raised salmon relieves pressure on wild stocks and significantly supplements the commercial fishing resource.

Students participating in the Alaska Aquaculture Semester program will learn key concepts and methods of Pacific salmon enhancement, including water quality testing, broodstock management, egg collection, and feeding practices. Because we believe that learning is most effective through hands-on experience, students will visit numerous hatchery locations operated by the Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (NSRAA), Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) and Sheldon Jackson Hatchery (SJH). This also provides an exclusive opportunity to connect with the industry and secure future internships or employment opportunities.

Previous Salmon Enhancement Field Trips

Medvejie Hatchery- NSRAA

Hidden Falls Hatchery - NSRAA

Sawmill Creek Hatchery - NSRAA

Sheldon Jackson Hatchery - Sitka Sound Science Center

Redoubt Lake - US Forest Service Project

Whitman Lake Hatchery - SSRAA

Deer Mountain Hatchery - SSRAA