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Career Pathways

Enter the Workforce or Continue your Education

Upon completion of the Alaska Aquaculture Semester Program, students will have earned an Occupational Endorsement in Alaska Aquaculture, accredited by the University of Alaska Southeast. Students may use this accomplishment to jump-start their professional career or continue their academic career.

Start Farming

The knowledge, practical skills and resources acquired during the Alaska Aquaculture Semester will equip students to confidently enter the aquaculture workforce or launch independent aquaculture projects. Throughout the semester, students will encounter many networking opportunities, facilitating direct connections with industry professionals and potential employers.

Transfer Credits to Home Institution

The Alaska Aquaculture Semester program is designed to complement your studies at your current college or university. To verify that credits will transfer, you should consult with an adviser at your home institution. You can also check the National Student Exchange website for information on credit transfers.

Continue with UAS

The University of Alaska Southeast offers a variety of programs to students, leading to Occupational Endorsements, Certificates, Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees. Students looking to enroll in a degree program at UAS should talk to the Aquaculture Semester faculty to learn more about enrollment options. UAS also welcomes post-graduate students interested in developing specific aquaculture skills to enhance their career goals.