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Maritime Training

As part of the Alaska Aquaculture Semester Intensive program, students will develop a strong foundation in maritime training through the completion of the following courses:

MT 119: Small Vessel Operator

Students will learn to safely operate a small vessel in Alaskan waters. This course covers navigation, rules of the road, trip planning including weather, radio operation, line handling and vessel operation including a practice session on the water. Foul weather/rain gear may be required.

MT 120: Outboard Engine Maintenance

This is an introduction to outboard engine systems on boats that need maintenance and upkeep for efficient operation. Ignition, carburetion power head and lower unit systems will be covered, emphasizing preventive maintenance. Students will learn how to prevent issues from arising, and to troubleshoot problems while out in the field.

FT 150: Cold Water Survival Training 

A course led by AMSEAA, learn basic skills to survive in cold water. This course consists of classroom instruction, pool skills, and ocean experiences. Topics include: Hypothermia, Dressing for cold, Types of Personal Flotation Devices and their uses, Retrieving someone who falls overboard, Radio calls, Survival suit and raft training, and other related topics.

In addition to the required courses described above, students have the option to augment their learning experience with a variety of other courses, including SCUBA diving courses. The UAS Sitka Applied Fisheries team offers high quality training and SCUBA certifications from Basic Underwater to AAUS Scientific Diver.